We want to raise £120,000 / $192,000 to complete the Bells Installation started by the 5th Marquess Townshend for The Church of St.Mary the Virgin in the 1860's.

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Here are several ways in which people, or events which are important to us, can be commemorated. Your gifts and dedications will become part of history in the family church where so many of us find our origins, here at Raynham Hall.

The sum contributed below secures the right to have your names and inscription, of up to 50 letters (or more, for a small extra cost of inscription), cast into that new bell.

£1,500 ($2,400) The Treble Bell
£2,000 ($3,200) Number 2 Bell
£2,500 ($4,000) Number 3 Bell
£3,000 ($4,800) Number 4 Bell
£3,500 ($5,600) Number 5 Bell

The sum contributed below secures the right to have that existing bell named and Dedicated for you, in hand applied gilt onto an oak plaque on the wall of the new Ringing Chamber.
£4,000 $6,400 Number 6 Bell
£4,500 $7,200 Number 7 Bell
£5,000 $8,000 The Tenor Bell

For the contribution of £1,500 / $2,400 a name or inscription will be beautifully applied by hand, in the gilt and painted as a decoration on the gallery's architecture; on the English oak beams or Vestry ceiling joists, etc.


All donations of £625 ($1,000) will be recorded on a hand painted oak ‘Named Donations Panel' in the Ringing Gallery.


If you wish to make an anonymous or group donation, please state your requirements in the Donation Form. These will be recorded or not, by request, on a plaque.

A minimum donation of $500 has been suggested to avoid trans-Atlantic complications and this creates an opportunity for groups or families to club together to donate.

All smaller gifts will be very much appreciated. For reasons of cost, however, names will not be included on the gilt and handpainted plaque but in a Dedication Book in the Vestry.


A single donation of £15,000 / $24,000 will secure the dedication of The Ringing Gallery. A gilded and hand painted inscription will adorn the Oak Beam at the front of the Gallery.

A single donation of £18,750 / $30,000 secures the dedication of the hand carved, gilded and painted Oak Balustrade. Initials and emblems of the donor will be carved into the roundels or panels of the Balustrade railings.

All Donations, Donors names (if required) and their country will

be recorded for posterity

in the DONATIONS BOOK in the Vestry.


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In America, you can contact David D.Townsend who is a member of the family and visited us here this year. He has agreed to help and to answer any questions you might have. He is at 2331 Mecklenburg Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205. He has also kindly agreed to have you call him on (704) 375 4701 if you would like, or his eMail is

You can also send a fax to England on: +44 1328 701037

Please provide a telephone number so that we can contact you.

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