The Picture List

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Picture 1 The Scroll in the Vestry.
Picture 2 The Bell Chamber layout plan.
Picture 3 The deteriorating state of the Bells.
Pictures 4&5 The cramped Ringing Chamber and clock case.
Picture 6 The bells in the 'up' position, ready to ring 'in the round' and a danger to unsuspecting people below who might tamper with the ropes.
Picture 7 The site of the Gallery above the Vestry Screen. And a design sketch of the new Ringing Gallery.
Picture 8 Inscriptions on new bells.
Picture 9 Preliminary sketch designs for family names which can adorn the Gallery beams and joists.
Picture 10 A design sketch for the carved oak balustrade, indicating the inclusion of family initials, motifs or symbols, decorated in gilt and hand painting. And a fine view west, within the church.
Picture 11 How St.Mary's looked before the 1860 alterations.
Pictures 12 The Tenor bell coming down and some Casting pictures.
Picture 13 BBC Promotion for "A Passion for Churches" 1 March 2006.
Pictures 14 What The Press said.

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